Here are some commands you may find useful. I haven't tried all of these so I don't know if they all work.

amsay <message> Sends a message to all logged in Trainers and Knights.
amkiss Kisses another player if you are close enough
amhug Hugs another player if you are close enough
amsit Sits down or stands up
amsit2 Another Sit command
amnod Nods your head
amshake Shakes your head
amtaunt Does the SP saber spin taunt
amspin Does a special spin move
amspin2 Does another special spin move
amwave Waves your hand
amthumbsup Stick up your thumb
amthumbsdown Stick you thumb down
ampunch Make a punching move
amcrossarms Crosses your arms
amlaugh Make a laughing movement
amwave2 Make another wave movement
amhandhips Makes you put your hands on your hips
amdontknow Make a shrugging movement
amcomeon Waves your arm in a 'come on' movement
amtaunt2 Does another taunt movement
amkneel Makes you Kneel
ampoint Does a pointing gesture
amscratch Makes you scratch your head
ambeg Person gets on hands and knees
amcocky Makes a pointing gesture at yourself
amflip Flips your light saber
amtossback Throws your weapon behind you
amtossover Throws your weapon off to the side
amtossup Throws your weapon up in the air
amwait Makes person put hands behind their back
amsurrender Puts your arms up in the air
amhelp Help!