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Congrats to the newly promoted*

JediScro (P)





My name is Richie. I'm generally a nice guy. I'm the guy you go to when you need a favor. Feel free to ask me any questions about FYM or tips about JK2. I got one rule. DON'T FUCKIN LAME. If you do, I will take it as a sign of disrespect to me and my associates. You don't want to fuck with me. Because if you do, I will shove my lightsaber so far up your ass that it will come out of your scumbag piece of shit mouth.


{FYM} IG-69 (P) *

Voted most likely to fail by his peers, Chris, or IG-69 as you know and love him, likes to go down to the Toshi station to pick up power converters. Anyhoo, perhaps not the most articulate with the light saber, Chris sure likes using weapons! He's as clumsy as he is stupid, so look out when he comes running your way because he's holding a thermal detonator.


{FYM} Rickenplayer (P) *

The force is with me, yet I get my ass kicked,
Guess I'm not very skilled with my Jedi light stick.

I play on a Mac, can't handle two buttons,
You can kill me quick, but you ain't provin' nothin'.

Force grip is my thing, even though I know it's lame,
Can't pick up a gun 'cuz I ain't got no aim.

I can only talk smack and cause a big ruckous,
So get outta my face, and Fuck Yawl Muthafuckas!


{FYM} Gonzo

"Waaah! I want some p*ssy! Waaah!"