Rufus Saunders

Rufus Saunders owns a special trait . . . something no other Bridges
`family member can ever own. Rufus was adopted by Geoffory Saunders at the
tender age of 4. His history before the adoption is quite mysterious. His
mother was a known Satanist, but his biological father has never been found.
Rufus possesses the power of telekinesis, he can move objects with his mind,
and you must admit . . That's pretty damn cool. His fathers dry British
humor and obsession with the Third Reich is the sole reason Rufus lost his
mind. Committed to St. Vincent's Asylum at age 19, Rufus snapped and
murdered the entire hospital staff . . . using nothing but a carrot peeler
and a bag of sunflower seeds. He escaped and resided with Lamont under a
bridge for a few months. Together they spent their days chasing pigeons and
nights trying to figure out a word that rhymes with "month." Before he knew
it, Rufus finally realized his sole purpose in life. At age 27, Rufus cayaked
the Atlantic ocean, and hiked to Sweden. He built a small log cabin in the
Swedish Alps, and plotted to take over the world, claiming himself to be the
antichrist. While marching to Rome to defeat the pope in the highly
prophesied good/evil battle, Rufus slipped on a banana peel and fell down a
large flight of stairs, paralyzing himself from the neck down. Rufus spent
his final days lecturing school children on why attempting world domination
is bad, until he was finally killed by a wheelchair malfunction that sent him
off a cliff.