Rowena Bridges

Born: August 8, 1918
Place: Potato Falls, Idaho
Father: London Bridges
Mother: Unknown

Rowena was born a conjoined twin. Joined at the hair, she and her brother, Anewor, spent the first seven months of their lives literally in one another’s faces. An operation to separate the two was only partially successful. At St. Vito’s Hospital for Unnecessary Surgery in Hoboken, a team of 6 surgeons and a barber labored for almost an entire morning but, by tee-off time, Anewor had succumbed and Rowena was, though not disfigured, left with a set of decidedly indistinct facial features. In the ensuing year and half, Rowena’s health rebounded nicely but the family began to realize that she had probably been missing for extended periods during that time though no one could actually say with any degree of certainty just when she was lost or when she came back.
In the end, the family decided that she would be better off with children more like herself so they placed her in a home run by the Little Sisters of the Deformed. There she blossomed into a mediocre young lady and later went on to a long, though undistinguished, career in radio. She died at home in her sleep on her birthday in1987. Neighbors reported her missing in early 1989 and her remains were put to rest somewhere in New Jersey later that year.