Lamont Lives?

In these two newly published photos taken during the Looking For Lamont Tour 2002, one of the world's foremost authorities on mediocre poetry, Professor D.D.Mamaluke*, scrupulously scrutinizes the ancient roadmaps of Nice, France for any minute clue that could lead him toward evidence of Lamont Bridges' whereabouts. After a lengthy stay on the French Riviera, the astute Lamontophile returned to America believing he had failed in his quest until he noticed something shocking in the photos: behind him, on the walls of two separate and distinct buildings, appears the graffiti tag name "SKRO". After mopping up the vin blanc that had splattered across the front of his shirt as a result of a monumental spit take of Danny Thomas magnitude, Professor Mamaluke re-examined the photos and confirmed his initial thought: this "SKRO" tag was identical to those tags found on the pillars of the Bayonne Bridge! Could this be the conclusive evidence that Lamont still walks among us? Any new developments in this extraordinary turn of events will be posted on this website. Stay tuned.

* The D.D. initials stand for Disappointed Dunski.