Morcheeba Bridges (a.k.a. Toe Joe "Mo")

Morcheeba was the wealthiest of the Bridges family, winning thousands of dollars in illegal toe-clipping eating contests. But before his career in cuticle chomping, Morcheeba searched for his place in life. He wanted to run for political office yet he was very short of breath. Instead, he started to rob banks and Christmas stockings. He used to carry his musket all the time but the old rifle eventually rusted out from Morcheeba's body perspiration and lakewater (left over from some of Morcheeba's swimming sessions.) Eventually, Morcheeba found work at a law office, employed as a wastepaper basket. One day his boss entered him in a bizarre sport originating from Belgium, and it was at this International Toe-Clipping competition that Morcheeba found his true passion.

From that day, he adopted this simple yet profound creed to live by:
"One man's hygiene is another man's profession."

To this day, Toe Joe Mo remains undefeated.

And perhaps it was from Morcheeba that Lamont inherited his most disgusting attributes.