Louie D. Gooey

Louie was a distant cousin of Lamont. His mother descended from a long line of notorious shoplifters. His father's family was noted as the leading manufacturers of stickball bats on Staten Island. Louis, however, chose to become an artist and is widely known in the Dongan Hills section of S.I. as the composer of the bluegrass standard "The Bones She Left Behind". While touring with his band in 1905, Gooey's life changed dramatically. On his way to a gig in Manhattan one night, Gooey's ferry got lost in a fog and he reappeared in Norway six months later. Little is known about Gooey after this, although it is said he befriended Henrik Ibsen during the last year of the great author's life. His last words were said to have been "Bring me Gooey! Bring me Gooey, dammit!"