Lorelai Bridges

Lorelai Tallulah Bridges (a.k.a. The Warden) was a schoolteacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Richmondtown. The children called her Miss Lorelai to her face and The Warden behind her back.
Lorelai was born on April 24, 1888 in St. Vincent's Hospital in New Brighton. In 1904, she became the lover of a mysterious Italian immigrant (swarthy but extremely good-looking and exotic at the same time). She met him at the Dark Horse Tavern in New Dorp after climbing out the window of the family's home in Port Richmond and riding horseback with her girlfriend for night of fun. They partied with Starlight Kitty and Moonlight Nell. Good fun was had by all but of course Lorelai eventually got herself pregnant. Her man worked in a shipping yard on Richmond Terrace. She would see him regularly for three months until he disappeared just as mysteriously as he had arrived.
In December of 1904, Lorelai gave birth to a little girl while living with her aunt Beulah Jean down in Boone, North Carolina. Her parents insisted she go away while she was expecting to save the family from the shame of her pregnancy. She agreed but insisted that a Staten Island family adopt the baby. Lorelai's father, a merchant, made arrangements with one of his customers, the prominent Daniel Seguine of Prince's Bay to adopt the baby girl for his wife who is unable to give him children. His wife, Antoinette, was overjoyed to embrace the beautiful baby girl.
Lorelai, over the years, would travel to Tottenville to see the Seguine family strolling down Main Street after church with the beautiful child she had been forced to give up.
Lorelai decided to become a teacher at the Richmondtown School in the old Voorleezer House so that she could be near the children she longed for. She was especially hard on the girls because she didn't want them to make the same mistakes she had. He strictness won her the name "The Warden" by the girls she so closely watched and protected.
Lorelai died in the hospital she was born in of tuberculosis in 1926 at the age of 38. She is buried in Richmondtown Cemetery where the children she loved and devoted her life to bring flowers to her grave. The inscription on her tombstone reads "Here lies Lorelai Tallulah Bridges/ daughter of Cargo and Cora Bridges/ who died on this day/ the day of her birth/April 24, 1926/ a victim of tuberculosis at the age of 38/ 'She did more than teach. She inspired.'/ Rest in Peace.