London Lloyd Bridges

London Lloyd appears in the photo as a girl - an inkling to a lifetime of perversity.

Born on the island of Tralfamador at the turn of the century, L.L. (as he was called in his early years grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn as the domestic helper to a Hassidic family. He was cast out at the age of 14 when he was apprehended having intimate relations with pork products.

L.L. then entered show business, taking on the persona of a character named "Rabbi Chaim Baumel". Baumel's career was highlighted by his role in the Woody Allen film, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex . He appeared in a segment called "What's My Perversion?" as himself. He was featured eating bacon while being whipped by a dominatrix who exclaimed "Bad Rabbi" each time she whipped him.

In later years Baumel worked for Hebrew National until his past relationship with cloven- hoofed creatures was discovered.

Finally, prior to his death, Baumel was credited with the creation of the short-sleeved men's suit, a craze that swept Idaho at the turn of the Millennium for a brief time.

Lamont credits L.L./Baumel for inspiring him to write poetry during his "Snout" period, including the classic piece "People Are Swine".

Whenever L.L./Baumel appeared at family functions, he was greeted with oinks and pig snorts.

L.L./Baumel died in great agony at the age of 67 from trichinosis.