Lois Bridges

(As told by April Frost)

Lois "The Bridge" Bridges was nicknamed The Bridge way back when she was only 14 years old. She was often called that because of the immediate connection she made with people and how she brought people together. Not a single person knew of Lois' crazy late night ways when she was a bartender at a saloon. Lois had five kids by the time she was 19 (in Lamont's words, she was "flying the urge to love").

The town was practically run by this mysterious brown-eyed beauty. She was a bootlegger with an eye for gold. By the time she was 22, she robbed trains and banks with her eight kids in the getaway car. She was a powerful young mother with a determination to be on top. Lois looked like a flower but stung like a bee with her eye-for-an-eye ways. Lois' life was taken many years too soon when she dueled with the town's crazy trigger-happy drunk, Morbid Joe.

Although Lois was never really close to her cousin Lamont and the rest of the Bridges family, they dearly missed her and her stylishly witty ways.