An Ode To The Breakfast Club

A fictional story with a realistic twist,
Justification for why the 80’s are missed
New Wave music and Claire’s funky dance,
Although reminiscent, it’s about taking a chance

The search for identity shared by all high school students,
Whether the kid is intelligent, popular or prudent,
Accurately portraying all of those social cliques,
Such ignorant stereotypes make me sick

Cinematically speaking, a brilliant demonstration
Of what high school’s really like, and provokes the realization
That being accepted is worth a couple of tears
So kids sacrifice their true self for all of their peers

The jock, the weirdo, the princess, the brain,
The criminal named Bender drives them insane
But through encounters with authority and illegal drugs
They find they’re all equal, and give each other hugs

If only the brilliance of this John Hughes flick
Would inspire the abolition of all these cliques
For without them no kid would ever be left out
No kid would cry, no kid would pout

In regards to this classic, I’m profoundly affected
For I’ve seen kids like Brian, the brain, get rejected
And I’ve seen kids like Andy pick on all the nerds
It’s absurd, so I hope that when you read these words. . .

We can come together, as hard as it may seem
The chess club can bond with the football team
As the beauty of film prevails high and low
And such historic success makes a happy Joe Scro.

- Handsome Charlie