During an undocumented period of time in Lamont's life, known as "the missing years", he was reputed to have formed links with the organized crime family pictured below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Recent research has uncovered some previously undisclosed information regarding the family in the photo below. Their surname was Mezzosoprano and despite their surly demeanors, skeevy habits, funky attire, and poor personal hygiene, they all had a fondness for introspective instrumental music. In fact, they went so far as to commission the brilliant young composer/musician Richie Castellano to write a suite of eleven musical interludes (one for each member of the family) that could be heard by simply giving any of them a good, swift smack across the face. Yes, just one healthy wallop upside the head would jog the noggin just enough to set into play mode a tiny CD that had been surgically implanted in the frontal lobe area of each family member's head.
(We here at the Lamont Bridges Library and Archives understand how much this strains credulity but we beg you to read on). To replicate these phenomena, simply click on each face to hear each personalized theme.