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Lamont Bridges frequently traveled in the company of mooks. Many of them befriended this confused and troubled young poet. One of them happened to be a puppet as well as a fully accredited, licensed psychotherapist. Here now, for the first time made public, are the insightful correspondences of this esteemed mook.

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Correspondence #1

Hola! From Cumasicchiama, the one and only Mook Puppet
(Cumasicchiama is pronounced: KOO-muh-see-KYA-muh)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… are ya? Well it took me awhile to get on here but hey britney spears wasn't built in a day if you know whad I mean…and even if you don't let me introduce myself….i'm a mook plane an simple ,,,not that there's anyting wrong with dat some of the greatest people I know are mooks everyone of dem…I'm also a puppet which may make me the first mook puppet ever…if not me, who? If not now when? ( hello? Is the mic on?…a lidle biblical huma )….Recently a pastlife therapist hypnotized me and discovered that in a past life I was a cellest and lived somewhere by the bayonne bridge which brings me to dis website….so Lamont here me out woudya?

Let me set the record straight right away I'm not just a mook and I'm not just a puppet bud a mook puppet from bklyn and as we all know bklyn is the bomb…manhatan is manhattan and as we all know it is what it is an der aint anything else like it…queens? It's got the mets othderwiz forgedaboutit…the Bronx? Yanks, yanks, yanks, and the Bronx zoo odawiz forget that to (oh yeah it's also got the little school where I woik diring the day with those wonderful kids who can't wait to kick the shit outta me whenever they see me) but staten island? Comman give me a break nowhere city its gotta dump for its cultural distingshun!….but it's also the home of many of my best friends (many of whom are definite mooks) and it's the home of Lamont's web site so I gives it my respect!…..

Lamont, the time has come for me to ged my dues…if Dave Garvin can put hiz stories on your site than ders gotta be a place for me…you want poetry howz "the spring is here the grass is riz, I wonda where the bidies is" hey and I just made that up…but I'll leave the literary stuff to you literaries…I have much bigger dings I could contribute….like puppet derapy…you must have parents who tune in here…they could ask me questions bout how to deal with those pain-in-da-ass kids of ders of which I know lots about…it could be my own space called "airsk Cumasichiama" or perhaps a forum dat I could direct where people could discuss mookdum an oda important dings….ah I leave it up to you Lamont…what ever you want me to do I'll do

So dats it for now but dis is only the beginin……

Ps did joe Sicilian (ah now ders a real mook for ya) really write, as legend has it, the satz???? It's important cause my liddle ones will grow up soon an may hav to take dat damm test so any inside help I could get dem would be greatly appreciated….

Yours in mookdum


Correspondence #2
Hola! From Cumasicchiam the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

Madonnnnnnnnna!!…….did I have a bad week or what..from the ying to the yang…first it's bliss city where I finally get the opportunity to make myself known to the western world (thanks lamont) then in less than 24 hrs I get called in by industry authorities (men made up of steel and long dead showed up and dragged me down to head quarters…again…only this time they took the liberty of resculpturing my head with their fists….and they're worried about my association with the mob…) and chewed me out for everything from inappropriate language, bklyn misspellings, and crossin boundaries to appearing in public whithout proper clearance. Things got so bad I had to crash out in bklyn just to keep safe for a while. Well clear this is what I say…what am I a slave? What am I someone's puppet? what am I a criminal? What is my head made outta rubba? What am I the representative for the whole puppet world???…(what am I suddenly jewish with all these what am I's???)

And that's not all… it was one tuf week at woik too..the darling little mutts are having a hard time with school coming to an end soon and some of our beloved ones destined not to retoin in sept…the combo brought lots of sadness and anger, hence the furtha reconditionin of my head …hey someone had to bear the burden of their precious feelins…but I lov those little ones so from them I take whatever it takes to get them thru…afterall a good puppet derapist will let the little ones use him the way a good parent does…that's right a good parent lets their little ones use them until their strong enough and esteemed enough to use demselves. Sigi's dautha Anna a most renouned derapist herself once said a madda's job is to be der to be left ….i say be there to be used….you got a problem with dat???

Anyway I'm back and ready to go (thanks lamont for saying those nice things tho you betta watch your back or you too may get a call from the dead wood family of staten island)…)….anyway…. where was I? Oh yeah so I agreed to be called respectfully the renouned puppet derapist instead of just a mook (tho I am what I am) and to watch my image as I speak to da world….yeah right… but be dat as it may I'm in negotiations with lamont and his chief web consultant Damien about getting my own direct feedback address on here so you parents and odda assorted mooks can ask my advice about how to deal with the mutts…or whatever else you're desperit enough to discuss with a puppet!…….later


Correspondence #3

Hola! From Cumasicchiama the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… Greetings to mooks everywhere…. Summer is officially here and the time is right for… to keep hiden out till the heat blows over…so bklyn is still the safest place for me at the moment… fortunately school is out dis week so my services won't be needed in the Bronx for a while…as you can plainly see here I was feeling kinda blue but danks to a visit from my uncle joe one of my all time favorites I'm feelin a lot better (here he is treatin me the best way he knows how --gettin me drunk and sticking his hand up my pants (don't read too much into it tho, it doesn't mean what you might think….than again maybe it does…dat otta hand, the one grabin my hiney belongs to annie I dink…she lost her mind years ago)… Here he's promising me that if I collect enough one dollar bills he'll take me to a place where the sun never goes down so to speak ..if you know what I mean….anyway I've been debaten all week if I should try chargin the mutts a buck a piece for my services… unfortunately my moral character just won't let me do dat so I'll just have to find a more honorable way to get the dough…maybe I'll sell drugs to white collar criminals)

As I was sayin befor I interrupted myself the summer is here…school is out and no doubt about it I'm gonna miss those little mutts….der all happy and sad at the same time bout school bein over and stuff (ditto Cumasichiama) like dey don't know weadda to laugh or cry…dey know we love them and they are gonna miss all dat nurturin for 2 months…but they'll endure (we gave them a year's woith of emotional fuel)

Anyway dat leaves me free for the summer…I got some surgery comin up (more bout dat later), a cap cod vacation with a bunch of baby boomin mooks and I wanna meet with lamont to discuss the site and all and to figure out a way to hear from all of you mooks out der…especially bout dealing with mutts and odda important stuff...if there is anyone out der…hello… any one out der? Lamont, is anyone listenin, checkin in…..or am I talkin to myself here….not dat der be anything wrong wit dat……ciao


Correspondence #4

Hola! From Cumasicchiam the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

Who is dis guy here? Who is dis sc#@bag???…….nah just kiddin lamont just a little my man george carlin circa 1970……anyway greetins everyone out der in cyberspace it's summertime and so far there hasn't been any more terrorist attacts dank god….speakin of god ever dink how many people have been mutilated, mushed, imprisoned and murdered in the name of god and country?….you do the math…..

In early july I met wit lamont's people to work out the goins and cumins of my association with the website….here I am discussin with lamont's chief negotiater, joe scro, thermonuclear dynamics and big al's theory of general relativity…it turns out we have several relatives in common…none of whom are generals in anything…anyway I woiked out a pretty good deal for myself…in exchange for my soul I get a permanent spot on the website with my own direct feedback line (technical details still to be woiked out) 10% of the profits (which don't exist) and protection (just in case the Sawdusdo brothers from the Bronx try to make an odda move on me)…to insure the latter I was given my own personal body guard (see below) and was highly persuaded to get some plastic surgery..which I am doin on the 17th….so all in all I'm doin damm good dez days….as far as the feedback goes perhaps you parents out der might be wondering how to deal with competition with odda parents of young mutts bout such things as whose kid is smarter, cuter, better and more special in everyway and like what to do when your mutt is playin with odda mutts who may be more aggressive…like when you should butt in and when you should stay out of it…..hello do I gotta even give you the questions to ask??????…what are you all stuna??? If there's anyone out der can we start getting dis dialogue goin already??? Till next time….yours in mookdum

here I am with my own personal body guard Big Tommy…to get to me you gotta get past him….right here mr doody head


Correspondence #5

Hola! From Cumasicchiam the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

Madonna! My freakin face is frozen….I had to pack frozen peas on my mug for 3 days just to keep my head from doublin in size! Than I sautayed the peas and ate dem…not to bad really…dis was almost as bad as dat beatin I took recently…The price one has to pay for the right of free speech….what are we in Russia where you can't do or say what you dink without fear of gettin turned into sawdust?? What are we animale?…..oh well I took lamont's advice and had some woik done on me just as a precaution (he made me an offer I couldn't refuse…it was part of the condition for protection I alluded too in my last correspondance)….my derapist collegues said it might even boost my self-esteem….. if I had a self…. and I 've been assured by the esteemed plastic surgeon that woiked on me that the mutts won't even notice when the dust settles….ah those little farts, it's only been a month and I miss dem already…though god nose I needed the rest….and a rest is what the good doc ordered…So I'm off to cape cod with a bunch of baby boomin mooks some closely associated to lamont….in fact ruma has it that lamont himself might even make an appearance…I sure hope so…maybe then we can get down and do some real woik on this site….who nose where the creative juices will lead us…besides it'll be like Tolstoy meetin Dostoevsky, Einstein meetin Freud or better yet Dave Garvin meetin Joe Sicilian…how bout dose yanks!…..mets are ok too danks to my main man Mo Vaughn…..where was I?….as if it matters…as if anyone is listening…as if anyone is even checkin in to dis place…Houston, we have a problem…Houston we need an audience….still waitin for a dialogue on mutts or mooks or whatever….until then I'll keep reportin in, I'll keep blabbin on, I'll keep sayin woids as long as dere are any,,,I'll keep plagarizin as long as there's something woith stealin….i need a rest…it's comin….i'm off…..caio!!!!…..i shall return



Correspondence #6

Hola! From Cumasicchiam the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

I'm back!!! Ah the beauty and sheer delight of a summer vacation…here I am in the beautiful sierra madre Cape Cod drinkin…..what am I drinkin?.....champaign cocktails and eatin so much freakin lobster I started to look like one…actually it was my disguise, my beard so to speak….anyway it was 3 weeks of sun and fun…I didn't see a freakin cloud the whole time….but I have to say I was real disappointed that Lamont didn't show (doe we did find a paper bag with a poem on it that could have only come from his poetness)…unfortunately if he did show I missed him…Big Tommy showed so did Tommy mook and the Scro's father and son (which means Mrs Scro which meant non-stop eatin of great food!)….but alas no Lamont….instead I get Joe Scro, Lamont's consignearie, readin me the riot act bout poetry and such…I'm smart! I can write poetry!...oh well at least we woiked out the feed back piece for the web site…perhaps we'll meet some day at a Staten Island bar or even need I suggest under the Bayonne Bridge….I gotta give him props doe, he's taken care of me on this site and given me my place to shine and I must say despite nightmares to the contrarily I was pretty well protected up dere….the first week saw the Katznelson brothers from our Chicago family connections lookin out for me and the next two I had Big Tommy so I was fear free so to speak…

Well like everyding else the summer is just about over which means back to the little school and the mutts…I can't wait to tell the truth after all it's my reason to be, (I mean between you and me I don't know how I got mixed up with all these odda mooks)…and now that we woiked out the feed back link I can address the concerns of the adorin public…all one of them…

And!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'ve seen the pictures, you've read the corresponances now -for the first time-comes 'Cumasicchiama the Movie'…..yes 30 minutes or der abots of non stop action, drama, dream sequences and so much more…staring your's truly and a bunch of odda mooks…you'll be on the edge of your seat and moved to laughter and tears…but don't take my woid for it, kust listen to some of the early reviews;
"Holy Shit!"- the New York Times…"A tour de force fantasy romp that's even better than the crap I make up" -Joe Sicilian….."How come I wasn't in it?" -Dave Garven…..and that's just for the unedited stuff….I'm hopen Lamont can hook me up with Marty and if I can figure out this editing crap in time we could do a double feature debut this Christmas…can't you see it now: " Gangs" and "Mooks", a double feature now playing at…ah perchance to dream….later


Correspondence #7

Hola! From Cumasicchiam the 'Mook' Puppet Derapist

When dey say spaghetti and meatballs you say occhette and brocili rabe…ah…………………………………….and where the freak did they dig up dese derapists? Madonna! One's woise dan the odda especially dat mook tony's syster (whose known for her compassion and caring) is seein…it's a disgrace to da profession I tell ya…….

Anyway it's back to woik in the Bronx where all is well as the yanks are about to establish demselves champs of da woild once again!....speakin of the yanks here I am (last june) with Joe Torre and one of my favorite mutts Kenny. Joe blessed us with a visit because after all dis is the Bronx…and speaking of fantasy….. tethered to a blind chinaman? The flying one legged woman? The shri moi shrilanka monk, mook 100 mile marathon? can't make dis stuff up! At least I couldn't damm it doe I could use dis kinda stuff in my upcoming fantasy epic! …which by da way is currently held up in production as dey say while I learn how to freakin figure out how to use dis editing program I got….what ever happened to gary cooper I'd like to know (he died)…columbus was so long ago he might as well have been a movie…..he waz gay, gary cooper??....wait the voices are getting confused… our self esteem doesn't come from Columbus, the godfather or chief-boy-a-de….ah the power of tv…good nite!


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