Lamont B. and Lou DeCur. . . and the birth of Poemimation

Lamont loved animated cartoons. In fact, he envisioned many of his written works morphing into some kind of moving image – part poem, part animation, or to use a term he once coined, a “poemimation”. Unfortunately, Lamont could barely draw stick figures, but he did become a great admirer and friend of a young cartoonist named Lou DeCur, whose early unconventional experiments in animation consisted of scratching a series of images along the concrete surfaces of the pillars of the Bayonne Bridge and then running rapidly around them, counterclockwise, while keeping a fixed stare over his left shoulder, in effect creating an animated effect while also inducing a woozy mental state and some good old-fashioned vomiting. Fortunately, Lou DeCur kept his nose clear of this particular grindstone, yet firmly plastered to the proverbial one, and after years of blood, sweat, and snot, scrimped together enough cash to purchase a computer. His creativity now knew no bounds. The floodgates opened and an important new artist emerged.

NEW! - To view the poetic animation "Between Good and Evil", CLICK HERE

To view the poetic animation "Gray", CLICK HERE.

"Gray" won top honors at the 2003 New York National High School Film Festival:
Best Original Film
Best Overall Film

To view the poetic animation "Bump", CLICK HERE.


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