John "Bloody" Bridges

This is the only known photograph of John "Bloody" Bridges, and consequently was hung on every post office wall in the United States. (Under the photo, in the space next to the word Occupation appears the phrase "destroyer of ignorance".) Due to a genetic lack of tolerance or patience, this desperado left a trail of destruction, which will never be forgotten.

Although "Bloody" had a special animosity for government corruption and littering, few escaped his wrathful gaze. Once called "a bit much" by America's fledgling anarchist movement, he barely escaped the death penalty for the McKinley assassination, which he blamed on a friend.

Some say that his extreme violence was actually caused by a burning belief in the potential for men to live perfect lives. The fear "Bloody" caused may have scared the government into adopting progressive reforms, such as women's right to vote.

It is unclear whether "Bloody" Bridges died in the 1930's or escaped to Cuba, biding his time. He is well loved to this day by Jacobins throughout the world.