Joey Bridges (a.k.a. The Mook)

Little is known about Lamont's great-great-uncle. Apparently, many of the events of his life were so bizarre that its difficult to believe they actually occurred. Lamont did leave behind some notes describing a possible television show based on the old coot's unique life. The following is taken directly from Lamont's notes.

Tentative titles for episodes in the forthcoming television sit-com "The Adventures of Joe The Mook":

1. Rip Up That Poem (pilot episode)
2. The Metaphor Formula
3. Pulling Weeds From a Gutter
4. The Nape, The Grape, The Estate and The Date
5. The Pet Tarantula Project
6. From Future Olympian to Scrub (a.k.a. The Sicilian 180)
7. "Damian Will Never Suffer"
8. Draft Dodging in The Bronx
9. Shakespearean Sonnet Writing and the Birth of Lamont
10. Hitting .680 "Cause He Read The Book
11. Cut By a Cannolli
12. Motivational Assembly Speeches
13. The Bocchi Ball Stance
14. Jason and the Car Keys
15. Shakespearean Table Settings
16. The Complete Set of Poetry Videos ("I Eat This Stuff Up With A Spoon)
17. Bubba Borrows The Car
18. Last Year's Sandwich In This Year's Drawer
19. Chanting Jo-ey From the Upper Deck
20. From Weights Cabinet to Hallway Rubbish

1. The One-Legged Woman Blows Past Joe (part 1 of 3)
2. The Sri Chinmoy 100 Mile Marathon: My Own Personal Monk (part 2 of 3)
3. Tethered To Chen Foo, The Blind Chinaman (part 3 of 3)