Geoffrey Saunders

Half brother-in-law to L. Bridges, Geoffrey is the only family member who
originates in Britain. Although character distinctions seem unextraordinary
in this particular family, Saunders is considered by most to be a slight
pervert at times. He is generally quiet despite his arrogance and
self-righteous sense of humor, but most of the Bridges just reguard this as
normal English behavior.
Geoffrey seems to have materialized from some unspecific void; Lamont's
half-sister Grace isn't even knowledgeable of any periods of his childhood.
The best anybody can produce of his past is that he took a boat over from the
U.K. having just completed law school. Ten years later he is married with
seven children (the youngest is female) and making a career as a salesperson
of doorknobs, oven mits and occasionally opium.
Strangest of all is the library consisting of dirty magazines, which he
claims he "purchases for the science-fiction stories". It is rumored that he
has a fetish for both third reich memorabelia and little girls, and he hangs
a confederate flag above his toilet.
Perhaps he truly is a psychophant. But the people who experience him
most, i.e. his wife and children, describe him only as "misunderstood".