Esther Bridges

Esther Bridges, long suffering wife of Floyd Bridges, entertained the crowds while they waited for the band to sink. Billed as "The Mermaid Mandolinist," she would warm up the crowd with variations on old favorites like "London Bridges", do tailstands, and dive for coins and whatever other items people threw at the band. . . much of which, unfortunately, floated.
During what she referred to as Floyd's "dirt years", she spent her time gardening to support Floyd's growing vegetarian disorder and developed a rare nasal condition from the clothespins she wore when she slept with him. She is credited on the recording of "Cattle Hymn of the Republic" as Lady Pendleton VanDiver: mandolin and Tuvan throat singing.
Like Floyd, Esther dreams of rekindling former glories. She occasionally drags out her old tail to entertain the folks at the home (they think it is sooo quaint) and more than once has staged her finale in the fountain in the front lobby.
When asked to reveal the secret of their long marriage, Esther smiled and said: "It was that dang banjo."